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Asian Home Gourmet's range of spice pastes and sauces bring the delights of Asian cuisine straight to your home. Made with the freshest ingredients, people all over the world are falling in love with the versatility, taste and convenience of our products.

We hope you enjoy exploring the flavours we have on offer, and trying them out yourself.

Happy cooking!

Our range

Singaporean Laksa

A local favourite, laksa combines coconut, Chinese, Malay and Indian spices, making curry noodles a convenient, authentic dish perfect for any time of the year.  This versatile soup base adapts perfectly to chicken, prawns, tofu or vegetables. For the noodles,...

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Recipe of the week

Chicken Rendang Samosa (Serves 6)

Ingredients: 1 packet Asian Home Gourmet Indonesian Rendang Curry SpicePaste© 250g chicken, minced 1 potato (150g), cut into small cubes 1 cup (100g)  frozen mixed vegetables 1 cup (220ml) water 1 packet frozen spring roll pastry (thawed before use)...

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What we've been up to

No-Fuss Fridays: Black Pepper Stir Fried Rice With Sausage

Lip-curlingly pungent and utterly delicious, this no-fuss black pepper stir fried rice with sausage is a must have!

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